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Sourcing service: Travelambo Genuine Leather RFID Blocking Wallets Mens Wallet Bifold Left ID (Black): Clothing

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10 reviews for Sourcing service: Travelambo Genuine Leather RFID Blocking Wallets Mens Wallet Bifold Left ID (Black): Clothing

  1. Mary R. Forman

    I bought this wallet for myself , even thou the wallet is for men , It got delivered today, and when I opened it , first let me tell you , the wallet arrived in a beautiful box , I was amazed to say the least , on how beautiful the box was, and the wallet has gone beyond my expectations , the craftsmanship is the best I have seen, I am a very organized person, and this wallet, will help me keep organized for sure, this is a great value , and I would recommend this wallet, to anyone looking for a great wallet for them self, or for a gift , and you will not be disappointed.

  2. Wayne J. Villines

    On receiving, the wallet looks great but it comes with a data card that says it is NOT 100% RFID proof.It works for the 13.56 MHz range but not at the 125kHz range.The workmanship looks good, but I will not be able to comment on that until 1 year from now (my last new wallet started falling apart at 6 months and broke some of my credit cards). However, the outer material is some what slick, making it a little difficult to pull from the pocket (which could be a good thing to help protect against pick-pockets).The Wallet has 9 card slots (3 per panel). Credit cards can slip into the top two of each panel easily but a little tight on the bottom slip but not impossible.Watch out with the order confirmation email as they will show the wallet with the ID panel as a flip up even if you ordered the flip out. The problem is ONLY in the confirmation email as it is the correct image on the Amazon Orders page and the correct wallet did get shipped.If I remember, I will update this review in 1 year (in February of 2019) unless this wallet proves to be of poor quality before then.

  3. Kingmeow

    I needed a wallet with LOTS of card slots. Not so much too many credit cards 🙂 , but rather too many membership cards. At first when I received it the leather looked a little thin and didn’t seem it will hold up. Well, over 6 months and I am pleasantly surprised. It still looks brand new and nothing seems to be wearing out. Buy it!

  4. Kentucky Fried Redneck

    I’ve been using this wallet for a couple weeks now. I must say, so far so good! Plenty of card slots so I don’t have to double and triple up cards in one slot. Having space for bills in 2 separate sections like most wallets is nice. The card slots are tight, but not so tight you fight to get cards out. The thickness is not an issue, it’s no more think than my old standard bi-fold wallet with only 5 card slots. The leather quality seems to be up there with some of the more expensive brands. Granted it’s not soft and supple like a $100 wallet, but this isn’t a $100 wallet. Bottom line, it’s worth every penny I paid for it ($12.99 I believe). I’ve had wallets in every price range from $1.00 up to $125.00. I’ve had them made from all various sorts of materials, and more expensive doesn’t always mean better quality.

  5. Allan S.

    First off, this wallet is bulky. That being said, it’s designed to hold alot of cards and overall has alot of space. So if you’re looking for a slim sleek wallet, this is not the wallet for you. Myself however, I have way too many cards, credit cards, insurance cards, loyalty points cards, you name it. I even keep band aids in my wallet (which the slots behind the main card sleeves are very useful for putting into) which may seem strange but it has come in handy quite a few times. So I personally love this wallet for its mass amount of storage space, and it was precisely for this reason that I originally bought it. The double slot cash pouch is also a nice feature, as I can separate small bills from larger bills.

  6. Houston Heather

    I have a lot of cards, banking cards, gift cards, and business cards. I was able to cram 4 Little Cesar’s gift cards into one slot, freeing up lots of other slots for my other junk. Feels very nice and will be a pleasure to carry.You would need a box/bag if you are going to gift it mine just came basically in a ziplock. Not a deal killer I bought it for myself.

  7. Larry W

    Arrived promptly, nicely packaged and in perfect condition. Looks, feels and smells like leather. Took a few days to break in then folds and conforms well. Slips easily into my back pocket and holds all 9 of my various cards. Does have a divider for cash which is helpful when only needing small bills. The outer fold has reinforcement which is a nice touch. Initially did not fold with all 9 cards. I doubled up in the center section then after a week or so of use no problem in using all card slots. Am pleased with the purchase, feels good in my hand, hope it will provide years of service. New wallet, a simple pleasure. Used my previous wallet way too long, was at risk of losing cards or cash.

  8. Emily

    I got the wallet as a gift for a friend and so far they love it! Personally I looked at it before gifting it to ensure that it wasnt broken and everything was intact (which it was whole) but I thought that it looked nice as the black finish added a hint of class to it. As a reference I purchased the wallet in black. I can’t say how good it will hold up as I am not the one using it but for the appearance I give it a five stars along with size and weight although I’m not entirely sure if its “Genuine Leather” which doesnt make a difference to me but wanted to put that out there for those who it will. (No personal complaint on the texture or sturdiness, seemed fine to me) If you are looking for something that looks neat and more top of the line then consider this one! The space inside is just like any wallet and the rfid block is a great add if that is something you are looking for but I recommend this wallet for the great price given all of the previous information. I definitely plan on buying more in the future as gifts!

  9. Earl M.

    I don’t think you can go wrong with this wallet. A full length divided section for paper currency. Multiple card slots, and a two sided ID holder. The leather is beautiful smooth finish and supple outside, it slide into your pocket and forms flawlessly to fit comfortably to the user. I love it would definitely by it again when it wears out, even though I’m pretty sure it will last for years.

  10. Patty Hill

    The craftsmanship of this is amazing and it’s real leather just like it says, it’s gift a bowl because it is a gift for someone that I truly care about, it seems very durable and will last a while and do exactly what I wanted to do which is amazing because the person that I’m getting this to needs a new one so bad plus it has that FR ID chip in it, or it’s RFID chip in it or whatever in it but it has that in it which will keep whatever he has in there safe!!

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