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Leather lining

Bifold closure

THE INEXPENSIVE WALLET: High quality genuine leather + dust-proof cover + simple polybag packing + superb craftmanship = an inexpensive and high quality womens wallet.

ELEGANT DESIGN: Our checkered womens bifold wallet features 16 card slots and 2 zippered pockets for cash, coins. This functional wallet with a snap to buckle up is perfect to organizer all your personal essentials. Useful every-day carry for you to put all your cards, IDs, receipts, tickets and other small items securely.

OPTIMUM SIZE: Dimensions: 8″L x 4”H x 1″D

RFID BLOCKING: It keeps your identity and credit card information away from scanning and theft.

CUSTOMER SERVICE: If you’re not happy or aren’t satisfied for any reason, please contact us at any time. or exchange.

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10 reviews for Sourcing service: Travelambo Womens Walllet RFID Blocking Bifold Multi Card Case Wallet with Zipper Pocket Genuine Leather (Tan): Clothing

  1. shokarei

    Very very cute wallet. It holds everything I need it to and a little more. If you’re trying to carry less around, this is definitely a must. Very slim. Nothing is falling out. 2 snap closures. The card slots are tight enough to keep everything in but not so tight the cards won’t come out without a fight. The ID slot is the same way-not so snug that you’ll get it in there and never be able to take it out again. Very pleased.

  2. A.M.Y

    Quite pleased with this wallet, waited two months of usage to review and still going strong. Keeps everything organized, multitude of slots and yet does not bulk up your purse.UPDATE:It’s been almost half year that I’ve carried this around and still loving it! Purchased one (purple) for a family member. Seems to be a different material, even more durable I presume. Either way they are both great and I highly recommend this wallet for anyone out there look for style and organization!

  3. MBT

    This wallet popped up on my FB page. I read all the features and reviews, and then ordered 2 of them. One for me and one for my daughter in law as a gift. She loves yellow! I was tired of the heavier wallet I was carrying but still wanted the RFID protection. I agree with others that if the credit card slots were just slightly larger, it would be just perfect. She and I have some insurance cards that just “papery” and we laminated them to protect them. Even after trimming as much as we can, they still will not go in the slots horizontally. We had to place them vertically. And if the zippered pieces were just a bit larger dollar bills would fit better. Her Samsung G7 phone fits in one zippered pocket. After loading the cards in the wallet it is not heavy at all. Very lightweight, unlike my other RFID wallets that didn’t seem that heavy but got heavier as you added anything. Like many women, I end up carrying way too much in my purse. (Do we really need everything but the kitchen sink in there?) I am looking at being able to go to a smaller purse and not have to stand in the store and say, “Let me see if my wallet will fit into this.” I will be able to confidently know that this slim wallet will probably fit.

  4. Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious

    I hate bulky wallets and had a ultra slim version of this I got at Target. While I like it–it proved slightly too small. I needed just a few more slots and wanted the RFID protection as well. I also wanted a little more space for money, coins and bills, as well as another slot for receipts and misc. stuff.I stumbled onto this wallet after searching for a long time. I like that it’s vegan leather and slim, and it fits perfectly in my purse. It’s bigger than what I anticipated but it’s not at all bulky and really allowed me to spread out my CCs and other cards without having to double up like I had to with my last wallet. I got light brown color, which is exactly as pictured and love the color. It’s very soft, doesn’t have a smell that some vegan ‘leather’ has. So far, seems well made but I’ve only just had it so we’ll see how it holds up over time.I have different kinds of cards, plastic to paper, and they all go in the slots with easy but not too tight or loose. Just right. Same for the ID slot. It’s snug but you can get it out. I think, like all things, if you overstuff it, then things might get more difficult to get in and out. For me, it’s the perfect wallet. I have one slot for receipts and misc, and the other for bills and coins and they both have strong zippers. I like that there two types of closures, one for when you close the wallet itself, but also a latch adjacent to button latch that goes over the zipper side. Won’t keep coins and small objects from falling out but anything larger, and it will.Very happy and it’s exactly what I was looking for and wanting.

  5. T. M. Childress

    This wallet is beautiful. A friend of mine sent me the Amazon link, and told me she had gotten a pink one. Her main issue was that someone she knew got her credit card scanned in a town nearby, by some stranger in a crowd, who happened to be standing next to her. Hence her search for the wallets with protection. So I decided to get one for myself, because I liked the fact that it was long, and less bulky like the short, square ones. And the fact it has a zipper for my bills and a zipper for my coins is a plus! Not every wallet has that. I am thoroughly pleased with this wallet, and I feel more secure.

  6. Jules

    I bought this for a recent vacation trip I took. I wanted something that would protect my credit cards. It is a beautiful navy blue color and very slender and stylish looking. It holds a lot of cards. I had so many open slots since I wasn’t taking my usual amount of cards like store and restaurant rewards cards. I am seriously thinking of switching my current wallet to use this because of the amount of card holding spaces it has. I find it so frustrating to have so many store/restaurant rewards cards because I can never find one wallet that will fit them all but they are worth having since you get discounted and free stuff. This wallet also has two zippered pouches on both sides which is great to put dollar bills on one side and coins on the other. Some of you may be saying who carries cash these days…but I’m kind of old fashioned and do like to have cash on me and I still use it! LOL. It was so slender and sleek and it fit perfectly into my backpack small pouch purse I use on trips. I definitely recommend this wallet and it’s an added bonus that it has the RFID blocking.

  7. Aliza

    Functional and beautiful saturated, dark teal color, that looks great with the gold. I tried to capture it in all its glory in shadows, electric light, and natural light.Nice to have the inner snap and two snap options on outside as long as they don’t make it annoying to close fast.Love the organized look on the inside with just enough give on the card slots to hold them in and let you get them out, without them hitting any edges. Especially the Id slot as you can see in my video.Very soft and smooth, but sturdy material. Wiped off some smudges with a little soapy water and worked great. We’ll see how it holds up over time, will update.Only con: stitching seems a little off on some of the slots so the cards stick up a tad higher on one end. Almost unnoticeable though, might bother you if you’re OCD though.

  8. T. Wilson

    So many colors to choose from but I finally decided on a soft blue. I love it. I had a RFID credit card holder and separate wallet and was able to combine them into one wallet. I like that it’s large enough to not get lost in my purse. And it holds a ton of cards. I would say the only downfall would be the zippered pocket that holds money is a little smaller than my old wallet but it’s not a deal breaker. There are two zippered pockets. I put cash in one and coin in the other. Plus it has two snaps to hold it together and that feels very secure. I love this wallet!

  9. P. B. Moore

    I got this in navy blue. It is a great wallet. It has enough credit card space and use zippered pockets, one for change and other for bills. The only disappointment is, that it doesn’t hold iPhone 11. An android or smaller iPhone would fit. The slots for cards are easy enough to get cards out. I have another brand I was using that had only slots for cards and bills. The problem was getting cards out of center slots…too tight and would have to remove cards from top or bottom to get to center. It’s a good looking wallet. It would be perfect for me if it had skinny strap to carry it as a crossbody, and if zipper compartment could be large enough to hold larger phone. (Personal preference) I would buy this again and would give as gift.

  10. Beauty Maven

    How often do you get compliments on your WALLET? What a crack up but that’s exactly what happens when I pull this baby out to pay for something! I hear, “ it’s so perfect. It’s so thin. It’s so efficient!” It’s all those things and really cute too. I got the yellow just to be rebellious. I cannot believe how awesome this wallet is AND it’s so streamlined and affordable. I have lots of cards and I like to carry them all “just in case.” Things like my gift cards from bdays, gift cards for spa treatments. Discount cards to various stores. My Dave and busters play card. Ya just never know when you’re gonna stop into a random place and need a card! Im super pleased with this wallet and I hope they never stop making them! I could use it as a clutch if I wanted to by putting my lipstick in the cash compartment but I’m pretty low maintenance with makeup. I don’t carry touch up stuff anyway. So there’s that aspect too just Incase you cared to know.

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